...The true story!!!

The FrogFish is:
Dag André Nilsen - Bass, Keys, lead composer, producer and mixer.
Jeppe Møller - Drums, co-composer.
Ann Birkbak - Sax, co-composer.

The FrogFish was formed in September 1992 by Dag André Nilsen (Bass), Arild Nyborg (Drums) and Thomas (Guitar). Since then the band has gone trough many changes in both style and musicians. In summer 1995 I (Dag) moved to Denmark (I'm from Norway) and started playing with Amos (Guitar). We tried a lot of drummers, but nobody fit our style. Then in September 1996 Arild also moved to Denmark and started playing with us. This was the beginning of The FrogFish as is (Arild plays on the two first albums).

We play a mix of Jazz, Balkan, Funk, New Tango with some crazy influences by Primus, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn and whatever we feel to play. I write all the music but each musician is free to come with their own ideas and musical influences to set their personal feel to the music. Together we evolve the music in my studio and our rehearsal place by playing the written stuff in a jam session kind of way.

So please go to the Music section and check our music out. You can download it for free!

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Funky Jazz Balkan with a touch of New Tango

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